Our Team


Agustin Banos Florez



I started to play tennis at the age of 4. When I was 12, I moved to Barcelona in order to combine my school education with high-performance training in tennis schools.


After years of effort and playing in the professional circuit (ATP Tour) for 4 years, always classified among the 500 best players in the world, both in Singles and in Doubles, I had to abandon my tennis career due to different injuries.

I enrolled in education programmes at Vigo University and worked as teacher in a primary and secondary school. At the same time I gave tennis classes and organized summer sport camps.


In the year 2013 I had the possibility to move to Switzerland to devote myself exclusively to sports, my greatest passion.


Here in Switzerland I’m learning German and, until August 2019, I managed the tennis school of Sportcenter Ägeri. Meanwhile I’m also training in different sports disciplines, achieving degrees such as:


  • Tennis teacher with Swiss Professional Certificate
  • C-Trainer Tennis (Swiss Tennis)
  • Leiter Tennis Jugendsport (J+S)
  • Leiter Kindersport (J+S)
  • Leiter Tennis Kindersport (J+S)
  • Leiter Erwachsenensport (J+S)
  • Leiter Kids Tennis (J+S)
  • Coach (J+S)