General Terms and Conditions of Participation


The enrolment for the Agustin Sports Camps has to be carried out by the legal guardians, in a timely manner and either online or by phone. After receiving the enrolment we’ll send you a written confirmation with the invoice, so you can transfer the participation fee. 

Participation fees and terms of payment

You’ll find the participation fees for the offered Agustin Sports Camps in our web page or other documents by Agustin Sports. They have to be transferred in advance, i.e. not later than 30 days after invoicing. In case the enrolment is carried out less than 30 days before the camp begins, the invoice amount has to be paid not later than 5 days before the start of the camp. If the participation fees are not paid within the deadline, the kid or teen cannot participate in the camp. With the 1st reminder a processing fee of CHF 20.- becomes due.


Cancellations are only accepted when received in writing. If this cancellation takes place up to 60 days before the start of the camp we’ll charge a fee of CHF 30.-. In the case of cancellations between the 59th and the 30th day before the camp begins, you’ll have to pay CHF 60.-. Later cancellations up to three days before camp cost CHF 120.-. For cancellations from the second day before the start or unauthorized absences, the whole price has to be paid. In case of a cancellation due to an accident or illness before the start of the camp, you’ll have to send us a medical certificate so that we can reimburse the whole deposited amount. We cannot reimburse other cancellations, e.g. due to weather conditions.

If the participant cannot partake during more than two days in the activities of the camp due to an involuntary accident or illness, part of the running costs will be reimbursed, but not the business-as-usual and fixed costs. In case the participant has to travel home prematurely due to an involuntary accident or illness, we’ll try to find an amicable solution where Agustin Sports reserves the right to retain the camp fee or reimburse part or all of it.

Liability in case of accident/illness and theft

Insurance is the responsibility of the participant. Agustin Sports declines all liability for accidents, illness or material damage of a participant, if permitted by law. Furthermore, Agustin Sports’ liability is limited to the participation fee, if damages suffered by a participant were neither caused intentionally nor through negligence by Agustin Sports. Agustin Sports is not liable for theft or loss of valuables or cash.

Physical condition of the participants

Participants of the camp partake on their own responsibility. Enrolment means confirmation that the participant is healthy and physically fit and can carry out the camp week without restrictions. Allergies and other important information for coaches are to be communicated to Agustin Sports and the management before the start of the camp.

Behaviour in the camps

Participants should be respectful towards the other participants and their coaches. In case of repetitive noncompliance with instructions, the management of the camp has the possibility to exclude the participant from training or the camp. In this case you are not entitled to the reimbursement of the participation fee.

Cancellation of the camps 

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